Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

  • We are located In the United States. Our warehouse and fulfillment facility is located in Easton, PA

Do Your Sizes Run Small?

  • Our products are true to US sizing. Please see the product description to see the exact measurements of our products.

Can I Make Changes To My Order Once It's Placed?

  • Yes If your items have not shipped, we can make changes to your order. Please contact us asap to submit your request.

Do You Offer O/N or Express Shipping?

 Why Is My Item Showing In Pre-Shipment Or Label Created?

  • This means we are currently filling your order and a label has been created. It is in the handling phase and being prepared for USPS Shipping

 Are Your Products USA Made?

  • We source our products and "blank" garments from multiple domestic and international vendors and suppliers.
  • Since we buy from multiple vendors and suppliers, each product will have its own source of origin labeled with an attached product tag showing the source of where the original product was made/manufactured.
  • The original un-printed/embroidered blank garments are sourced from international and domestic suppliers.
  • Our garments are then embroidered and screen printed here in the USA by local distributors in Easton P.A. 
  • Garments are "White Labeled" which is a term referred to customizing a garment with a brand logo label.